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We’re located at 185 S Brunswick St, near downtown Jesup at the corner of Brunswick and Cherry Streets. If you are anywhere near the center of Jesup, just look for the tall steeple and head towards it.

We have parking in front of the sanctuary (including handicap parking).  There are also parking spaces in the rear of the buildings and across the street from the E Plum St side.

Our greeters will help you into the building, and once inside, our ushers will help you to a seat. The worship center easily accommodates wheelchairs. We strive to be available to everyone regardless of physical or mental condition.

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 Is sign language used during service?  

Yes, we provide sign language during the service and it is shown on-line as well.  Usually we use two forms during the service: 1) Signing Exact English, and 2) Pidgen.  

Am I expected to give for the offering?

While we encourage the practice of tithing among our members, our guests are not expected to give anything. At the end of the service as you exit,  if you have filled in the guest card, you can place it in the offering plate.

 Will I know when to stand?  

Our Music Minister will often ask the congregation to stand or sit. We generally stand for the singing of congregational songs.

What is the message like?

Messages last about 25-30 minutes and are based on the Bible. He will read scripture, make several points of application to our lives, and often includes humorous or motivational stories.

What is the "invitation" time?

At the end of the pastor's message he will give an invitation to anyone who does not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ to accept Jesus. He will also ask those who would like to become part of our church family to come forward. We sing a song during this time so that people can come to the front and talk to our pastor or one of our other ministers about their needs. If you would like to become a part of First Baptist Church you can join:

By profession of faith - if you are not yet a Christian but would like to be, or if you are a Christian and have never been baptized by immersion as a believer, a prayer partner will pray with you and guide you in this decision.

By transfer of letter - If you are a Christian and a member of another church we will write to that church and request that a letter of transfer be sent.

By statement - If you are a Christian and have been baptized as a believer, but do not have a current membership in another church, we can receive your membership on your statement of having received Christ and been baptized.