Getting Involved. Saving Lives

Denise said it best last Sunday when she spoke from our pulpit. “There are dark forces trying to destroy our young people.” She’s right.    The Bible speaks of “the powers,” things that set themselves up against God and want to pull downward and destroy. The chief of these powers is Satan himself but there is more. There are things he works through, powers and forces can be things like peer pressure or it can even be companies that market movies and games and other things that glorify suicide and isolation and death. There are powers at work.  Satan is like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour. He’s gobbling up the young.

And we can’t let him. We are the people of God.  We are the army of Christ.  We are tasked by our Leader to root out darkness and replace it with light. We are not to hide fearfully from the Devil.  We are to engage him and the powers that be to put an end to darkness.  So what do we do?

Of course you pray.  If you don’t pray you haven’t done anything.  Praying for young people, praying for them to know Jesus and to feel loved and to be delivered from death is the first step. Pray. But if all you do is pray you haven’t done anything. The work of God begins and ends in and is surrounded by prayer but it moves us to action. The old cliché is true. You have to put feet to your prayers. You have to do something.

It’s as simple as this.  Get to know a few of Wayne County’s young people.  You cannot do a thing for someone you do not know. Enter the lives of a few students.  We want to have a strong, substantial ministry to young people here at our church. That’s good. But we need to take our ministry to young people where they are. We need to take it to the schools and to their homes. Instead of only saying, “Come to us,” we need to go to them.

And guess what, the school system is asking you to do that. They have begun a mentoring program called Check and Connect. Check and Connect isn’t tutoring or helping with homework. It’s connecting with two or more young people weekly to monitor, to help, to assist. It’s long term. Ideally you’d start with 6th graders and stay with them through graduation. It’s loving. It’s being there. It’s getting to know. You need to do this. Email Tina Mosely at and she’ll tell you more. We need many, many of you to hear this and do it.

On Wednesday night this past week we talked about faith being all you need. Someone asked about works.  Weren’t works necessary? What good was it to sit around and say you had faith if you never did anything?  That’s true. Galatians 5:6 says, the only thing that matters is faith expressing itself through love. Faith isn’t real until it shows up as love. And love causes us to get up and do something. Like connect with a couple of young people.  That’s God’s work. That’s your work, too.