Your Post-Easter Life

We are now post-Easter. It would be easy for us to think that the story is concluded, Christ is soon to return whence he came, and we will go one with our regular lives until we repeat this cyclical story of birth, life, death, and resurrection again. But the story is just getting started. When Jesus arose the Gospels make a pointed emphasis to tell us that happened on the First Day. Now that we are living in the New World there are so many days ahead to live. It’s time for the followers of Christ to have their chapter. It’s time for us to write our page of the story. It’s time for the Spirit to come.

Life is different now. We are different now. We are now living a Spiritual Life. Our life isn’t an earth life, physical life, only. We are now alive in a whole new way. We are alive to and living in a new realm. We live and move in the spiritual just as we have in the physical. We are alive in a world in which God is at the center, Christ is on a throne, and which is full of new kind of, and a new way of, power.

We are to live now a spiritual life, a Spirit filled life, described by the Bible. This is a hugely critical point. What is described for us in the Bible is real. The Bible, it turns out, isn’t only a book to be studied. It is a book to be lived. The Bible is more like a menu than it is an history book or a sourcebook of knowledge. It is inviting us to an experience, a whole buffet, an experience of God’s presence here and now. It is a portal into another world, a wardrobe through which we pass into Narnia, if we dare.

We, if we’re willing to be, like Jesus—we are his body, the place where heaven and earth, the physical and the spiritual, come together in one place. We can see things and know things. We can hear and know the mind of God. We can see and know the way things are supposed to be. And we can have power to make these things happen and come to be in the physical world, and we can make these things real through things like touch and spoken words and hard work. We can say to mountains “be removed and cast into the sea” and they will be. We can know God.

What does this require? Everything. Every moment. Every thought. Every action. To be this, to be the body of Christ, you must constantly be growing in your spirit. You must constantly be paying attention to God, always in prayer, always watching and listening to the Spirit who is now in you. And you must be selfless. Your life now is not yours, it is God’s, and any attempt to take it back and own it yourself will diminish your spiritual connection.

Should you choose to accept this life, you will change. The reality you see people living in the Bible will be your reality. You might heal the sick or raise the dead. Or you might be called on to lay down your life.