Prayer Life

A little something different. Something I put on paper recently after thinking about my prayer life. I don’t pray enough. You don’t either.  Here it is.

I'm reading today and thinking about prayer.
Some see it as just talking to air.
I know. Sometimes prayers seem to go nowhere
As if we're talking to someone not there.
But other times we know prayers are heard,
That simple speaking even just a word
Such as “Jesus” or “Help” or “Thanks”
Brings divine power overflowing its banks.
We have with God communion.
Prayer becomes a reunion,
A reconnection, a once again walk in Eden's garden,
Where we, though we are mostly just carbon,
Find ourselves mingled with Spirit
And discover that life has more within it
Than things we can touch or atoms, quasars, and quarks.
Something Mysterious lives. And within us sparks
Ignite at the nexus of Creator and creation.
Prayer becomes so much more than obligation,
A duty, or a way to get what we want,
Or something to approach casually, nonchalant.
Heaven and earth meet when we pray.
God listens when we lay
The needs and the hopes of Earth at his feet.
We are where heaven and earth meet,
A channel. A conduit of Presence. An open door.
I need to pray not less but so much more.

We are where heaven and earth meet. We are the place through which God’s presence, his power too, flow. What could we be? What could happen if we really learned to walk with God?

Maybe we should find out.