You are about to hear a lot, a whole lot, about a night, September 22. That night is Team Night here at First Baptist, and it is an extraordinarily important night. It will be the single most important night in the next year in the life of First Baptist Church. On that night you will take vital, important, necessary steps to be the church. You—and I really need to emphasize that you, not me, not the staff, not any person other than you—will chart the direction of this church for the next year. You, in the teams on which you serve in our church, will determine the mission of your team, and you will then decide what your team will do to fulfill its mission. Your team will design its plays and your team will then execute your plans and your mission.

We are doing this for a reason. The reason is this is your church. This is your church and you, all of us, are responsible for whether or not it fulfills its mission. And I suppose we should start there. What is the mission of the church? There is a shift in thinking in the last decades and to be honest it isn’t good. The majority opinion seems to be that church is for us. It’s purpose is to bless us, feed us, pick us up and inspire us. It used to be that the majority opinion was that church was for God. We came, participated, and ministered because we want to please God. I wonder, can we turn back the clock? And can we see that the church, our church, exists to change us and to change our community into something that looks a whole lot more like heaven today than it did yesterday? That encompasses so much. It means that people need to come to know Jesus and we need to work to make it so. It means things like spiritual growth and discipleship. It means increasing the beauty of things around us. It means finding ways to erase divisions, to build relationships, help the sick and weak, and help in a thousand ways. 

You will decide what those ways are. You will be responsible. Success or failure depends on you and on what you are willing to do and what you are willing to let God do through you. That is one of the reasons we have teams and not committees. There is a difference. Committees discuss and make plans.  Teams do. Teams carry out plans. Teams make things happen. So every team from A/V to Zumba will gather, chart their course for the year, and then go make their plans happen. 

You are needed. What if you’re not on a team in our church? Easy. You show up September 22 and you can join whatever team you want. We would love to have your help. Come. Be the church.

We’re also trying to make this a no excuse is good enough night. Have children? We’ll watch them that night. Don’t want to miss a meal? We’ll feed you supper. Don’t want to miss your favorite show?  Someone invented DVRs. Afraid this will be boring? Trust me it won’t. You’ll have a good time and you’ll leave energized and ready to go be the church. 

So get ready. Team Night is coming September 22. #bethechurch