All In

The calendar has followed its annual habit and dropped another page. Whether good or bad, the calendar never changes its habits. It behaves the same always. I, however, alter mine, and I’m sure you do, sometimes for good and sometimes not. With this change of times, it’s time to change for good. It’s time to remember old habits. It’s time to go All In.        

All In. We, I, need to be All In on what we know to be right and good and beneficial. All In. We’re launching that as a theme for January. All In. Fully committed. Fully present. Here are some goals for January. Let’s be all in on our relationship with Jesus. Nothing is more important. We are made for a reason. We’re not here to make money. We’re not here to skate through the years with the fewest troubles possible. We’re here to be a glowing, glorious, representation of Jesus. We’re here to bring God’s presence into the world we inhabit. That happens as we live in constant connection with Jesus. He pours his Spirit into us. We come alive with glory. Live your life well. Be All In on your relationship with Jesus.

 Are you old enough to remember when we used to give rewards to people who had perfect attendance for a year? If you don’t remember, we did that. This month start a new habit. Be in church every Sunday for this month. We won’t give you a perfect attendance pin but we will recognize those who were All In on Bible Study. Be All In with your Connection Group and Morning Worship.

Be All In on stewardship. God has made each of us managers of his property. He’s invested in us. It’s our task to show an increase in everything, waistline not included. We increase our influence in the world, the beauty around us, and even our wealth. But we don’t do that in order to live selfishly. We do it to be able to live generously. We do it to be able to give a tenth and more to God’s work in and through the church. Be All In on stewardship.

Be All In on serving. It’s easy to become passive. It’s harder to serve. Serving is almost always inconvenient, messy, difficult. And yet once we begin, it’s rewarding. It matters. This month realize that you are a member of the church the same way your hand or your eye is a member of your body. It serves the other members. Find a way to serve. Look for people, children or the lonely, and connect and love them with acts of service.

Be All In with sharing your faith in Jesus. Tell the story. Tell your story. Pray for people. Care for people. Share that story with them. Consider that you, not just those who are far away, are a missionary tasked to simply pray, love, and tell. Tasked to be alit with glory and to let your light so shine before others that they see your life and glorify God. Be All In with sharing your faith in Jesus.

All In. We want all of you to be All In in every way. All In church every week for at least a month. All In with spiritual growth, stewardship, serving, and sharing. All of Christ is in all of us. Be All In with, and for, Jesus.