What If?

What if this year, as the calendar turned, we asked ourselves, “What if?” What if we really did get out of our comfort zones, you individually and all of us together? What if?

What if we took seriously some of the words of Jesus that we have tipped our hats to, words that we have over and over again said are at the very heart of what this thing we do, this thing called Christianity, is about? What if we heard Jesus calling us to change the world rather than escape the world? What if when he told us to pray, “thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” we heard Jesus say exactly that? What if we heard him say that our task was to go join with God in lifting the burdens and the curse sin has brought into the lives of so many? What difference would it make?

What if everyone one of our Connection Groups, teams, and other groups such as choir, deacons, Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, and everyone else took aim at a need in Wayne County to heal, mend, and change something, anything at all, big or small?

What if we constantly looked for places that weren’t like heaven and tried to do something to make them like heaven. Like for example:

What if your group adopted a classroom in one of Wayne County’s schools? What if you decided to be that classroom teacher’s best friend and a mentor to every child in the room? What if you decided to volunteer there? What if you decided to see to it that every child in the room had all the things they need to have to learn?

Or what if you looked at Wayne Memorial and saw new parents carrying babies out the door and wondered if someone like you could teach a young momma or daddy a little about being a parent? What if you could find a way to be an encourager to them or a grandma or grandpa when they need one?

What if you noticed people who were leaving the funeral homes and found a way to gather people in a grief support group? Or what if you saw the children and decided to learn how to help them walk through the grief of losing a loved one?

What if you asked questions about what prisoners need? Or business people? Or nurses? Or nursing home residents? Or single parents? What if you saw one of these needs or one of a thousand other needs?

What if this was something you took seriously? What if you decided that Christianity was not about making you happy but was about making you into someone who loves enough to do something that looks like what Jesus would do?

What if?

Jesup would look more like heaven today than it did yesterday, that’s what. And you would be someone who looks like Jesus.