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  • Mar 23, 2021

    The Gospel Truth

    Spring is here. The grass is green, fresh from a soaking rain. The sky is blue. Georgia’s ever present brown thrashers are filling the trees with territorial squabbles followed by victory songs. Victory songs. I am ready to hear victory songs. I am… Continue reading...
    Dr. Mike VonMoss 36
  • Feb 23, 2021

    Fighting or Farming?

    I can imagine how difficult it was to get it right for the people who first followed Jesus. Think about how difficult it is to change your expectations when you have a long-held belief that things will be a certain way. How many times do you have to… Continue reading...
    Dr. Mike VonMoss 63
  • Jan 26, 2021

    Following Christ

    Here’s a really odd, funny idea. What if we are actually supposed to do that stuff that we’re told to do in the Bible? You know, that actual stuff that’s in the gospels and Acts. The things Jesus did, the apostles did, and a whole host of other,… Continue reading...
    Dr. Mike VonMoss 106
  • Dec 31, 2020

    What If?

    What if this year, as the calendar turned, we asked ourselves, “What if?” What if we really did get out of our comfort zones, you individually and all of us together? What if? What if we took seriously some of the words of Jesus that we have tipped… Continue reading...
    Dr. Mike VonMoss 132
  • Nov 25, 2020

    Standing on Tiptoes to See the Sunrise

    Let’s get this year over. I am finished with it. 2020. It wasn’t what we expected. Remember how it began? With hope and optimism. It began with forward thinking. 2020 vision. We were setting an agenda for the future. Remember? And then February… Continue reading...
    Dr. Mike VonMoss 155