Connection News for January 2016


Making a Difference in 2016
As I grew up I didn't think about what my future would be like. I just wanted to have fun. But, in my junior year of high school the thought hit me. What am I going to do after high school? I began to think and think hard about my future plans. I wanted to make a difference in life. I thought about becoming a pediatric doctor because I loved working with children. But realizing the amount of education it required, I realized that I might not have the smarts enough to be a doctor. So instead I went to school to become a paramedic. I wanted to help people physically and felt that I could also help them spiritually by working in the emergency field. I worked part-time for a local ambulance service as an EMT for 13 years; while also working full-time as an industrial supervisor.
Time went by and I felt the hand of God tugging at my heart saying, “I have something else for you to do”. When I heard His call, the time had come to really put my faith and trust in Christ and follow His path, and I thank God that I did.
Following Christ has made a difference in my life, and I want to make a difference in my church, my community, and in the nation where I live. Each of you are called too and we can make a difference. It’s up to us to decide if we are willing to make a difference in 2016. I pray that we all will begin to seek God’s direction in our lives, in our church, in our community, and in our nation. Are you willing to take the steps to “Make a Difference”?
Bro. Earl

40 Days of Community Small Group Bible Study
From the beginning, God planned for us to fulfill His purposes in community with other people, in our church families, in small groups, and in the world as a whole. Why did God plan it this way? Because we are better together.

This Bible study will be offered at various times and at various locations around Wayne County. To sign up for the location that suits you best, visit the church website Once on the website, look at the bottom left and click on events, then select the “40 Days of Community” link. It will direct you to the sign-up page, complete the information required and submit. It is a very simple process, registration will be open through January 5, 2016. Classes begin January 10.