Youth News for Dec 2018

Serving the Lord is the privilege of His gospel people.  His mission is the great goal and glory of our earthly lives.  Each day we are making an investment in something, and the question becomes what are we investing in?  Will my investment last into eternity, or will it fade with the inevitable passing of time?

We have spent the last several weeks focused on the idea of Reconnecting. Reconnecting with being like Jesus, with prayer, with worship, community, outreach, servanthood, stewardship, and ownership of God’s church and his mission. All of these are eternal investments. All of these connections make life richer, full of meaning. All of them get at the heart for what we were created. So, have you reconnected? Have you taken up the call to invest for eternity?

Those of you who were present for the final Sunday in our Reconnect series have heard this already, but I wanted to place the possibilities before you again. As you consider the ways you are being called to take ownership of the mission of God’s church, and specifically of His work through FBC Jesup, don’t ask “what would I like to do,” but rather “how can God use me in the ways He has equipped me to serve Him.” When we join with His call and equipping, we will find purpose and joy, even when it might feel uncomfortable at first, even when it requires sacrifice, and maybe even especially so.

So, how can you get involved? How can we “call a new generation to join us in making Jesus more like heaven today than it was yesterday?” Let me count the ways. Imagine with me, if we were able to do something new in the lives of our students.

  • ·What if we had people in the church who were willing to start a drama ministry with the students?
  • ·What if we could send out vans on Sundays and Wednesday nights to pick up students for church and take them home?
  • ·What if we were able to start a mentoring ministry for our students, pairing them with older believers who could share their walk with Christ?
  • ·What if we had someone to teach a middle school boys Sunday school class and show them what it means to be a mature Christian man?
  • ·What if we had enough chaperones that we never had to worry about whether we could take a trip or not?
  • ·What if we had someone to head up a missions focus with our students at the center?
  • ·What if we stopped viewing the youth ministry as the job of the parents and instead equipped it with passionate leaders from all generations of the church?
  • ·What if instead of a 5 to 1 ratio of students to adults, we flipped that and had a 1 to 5 ratio of students to adults?

The possibilities are endless.  The investment is eternal.  How will you partner with us in 2019?

Soli Deo Gloria!