2018-2019 Church Empasis

Connect Change
With God Your Life


Connect Change
With Others The World


As part of our RE>CONNECT Emphasis for 2018-2019 we have launched a new outreach ministry called 3 BY 3 Evangelism. This year-long emphasis moves to encourage every church member to engage 3 lost friends with the Gospel through:

Prayer:  Pray for them.

Care:     Invite them to join you for coffee, lunch,

               dinner, small group study, worship, and etc.

Share:   Share the gospel with them.

By using these three methods you will begin to develop an intentional relationship with these individuals that will prayerfully change both of you.

You can pick up your 3 BY 3 ministry cards at the following locations:

Church office     Foyer of Sanctuary     Sunday School

The staff would also like for each member to write down those names and turn them back in to the church office so that we may pray for those individuals and for you as we all do our part in reaching our community for Christ.


Three By Three