Youth News for Oct 2018

They often say the Lord works in mysterious ways.  Certainly, as one reads the Old Testament, that statement proves true.  This morning I was reading through the 30th chapter of Genesis, a passage dedicated to the blessings of God on the fruitfulness of Jacob’s family, the sons who would become the twelve tribes of Israel, and their flocks and herds.  As I read it, I was struck by the strange methods of Jacob’s family to achieve blessing.  It is a chapter filled with multiple wives, servants given as concubines, deceiving uncles, and sheep made to stare at stripped bark while mating in order to produce offspring with streaks and speckles and spots.  All of it struck me as strange, and yet through all of it the family of Jacob, God’s chosen people, were blessed. 

We wonder at times at the workings of God’s will don’t we?  It seems that sin and superstition did not deter the work of God to bring His plans to fruition.  In fact, God used what is evil for what is good.  The mystery of the will of God is not that He uses sinful actions and superstitious behavior to do His work, but that in spite of our sin and superstition God uses humanity to accomplish His purposes anyway.  That the almighty, righteous God would choose people, real people with real problems and real gritty, dirty, sin to bear His name and carry His work to the world.  That, not because of our perfections, but in spite of our imperfections, God loves people, and uses them for the sake of His Name.

We see that all the time in church, don’t we?  Church, of all places, often reveals the brokenness and sinfulness of people in some of the most disturbing ways.  Even when we are seeking to glorify God, we are so often more concerned with our own petty selfishness.  And yet, God uses the church, His people, uniquely and powerfully to accomplish His purposes in the world.  It is through His people, warts and all, that God inhabits the world, transforming it, shaping it, fixing it, for His glory and our good. 

That’s why we believe that here at FBC we need to Reconnect.  We must be together, face to face, caring for one another, living as the bride of Christ purified by His blood and working as a united body for His kingdom.  That’s why we, as a youth ministry, have launched Family Night on Sunday nights at 6 in the cafe, as an opportunity for families in the church as a whole to come and sit face to face, reconnect around the word of God, love one another, lift one another up, and be the church. If you have not yet plugged in to a small group on Sunday nights, come join us.  It’s rowdy up there.  It’s gritty.  It’s real life on real life.  We need yours.  Will you join us?

Soli Deo Gloria!