A Season of Reconnection

Ah, welcome September. So happy to see you Fall and cooler weather.  Hello, school days. Nice to have you back, Football, my old friend. But of all the things I’m glad to see back I’m most glad to see a season of reconnection when people begin reconnecting with routines, schedules, and church.

       You’re going to hear a lot about reconnection this Fall. Reconnection will be our theme in the months ahead beginning here in September. Reconnection will begin with Homecoming 2018 on September 16th. On that day we’ll, as usual, invite home so many members of our family as we remember those gone before and we'll hear a fine message from one of our favorite sons, Steve Davis. Steve grew up in our ministry and has gone on to do well as a minister of music and pastor. But reconnection will not end with Homecoming. We’re just getting started.

September 23rd will be Reconnection Sunday. On that day we’re launching an entire season in which we will consider all the ways we each need to reconnect with what God is doing in our lives and church. We’ll ask questions like “What is the reason we’re here? What’s a church for?”  I think the reason we’ll find might be the simplest, most obvious, and most challenging reason you’ll ever hear. You’ll have to wait to find out what it is. As we consider this answer to this most important question we’ll be asking you to reconnect with a number of ways we grow our spiritual lives.  We’ll ask you to reconnect with prayer and become a truly praying person. We’ll ask you to reconnect with worship and to gather with the rest of our body each Sunday as we together show the world what the real world truly is. We’ll ask you to reconnect with a Bible study group because we know that what we really need is to be together face to face with a group of believers with the Scriptures in between us. We’ll ask you to reconnect with our mission to the outside. We are here to show those outside what real love is, real family and real life is, and to invite them to come join us. We’ll ask you to reconnect with servanthood by saying yes to helping and making sacrifices. That’s, umm, kind of what Jesus did, isn’t it? And aren’t you and I supposed to be like him? Along that line we’ll ask you, too, to reconnect with stewardship. God gives each of us a portion of his world to have as our stewardship. He wants us to manage it for his glory.

Along the way will be fun and fellowship opportunities.  Lunch at Homecoming.  Breakfast on the 23rd as we launch Reconnection. A camping trip. The annual Tailgating event on October 21.

Here’s the main point.  We’re going to ask you to make an effort to be like Jesus. We’re going to ask you to, if you love Jesus, to love his church too.  We’re going to ask you to actually reconnect and show that love. 

If you do, you’ll make a difference.