Youth News for May 2018

It’s incredibly hard to believe that it’s finally here.  I have been anticipating the month of May, 2018 for two and a half years now, though I’m sure that pales in comparison to the 18 or so years that many of our parents have been anticipating it.  It is with great excitement, and great sorrow, that we send off over a dozen of our seniors, many of them forming the backbone of our youth ministry, now on to make an impact on the world they are stepping out into.  I look forward with eager expectation to what God will accomplish through them!

As they step out into a new season of life, we step out into a new season of ministry here at FBC.  As many of our leaders are heading out to make an impact on the larger world, we are soon to receive many new faces beginning their time with our youth ministry.  Not only so, but we are launching a brand new space for us to use to the glory of God among our youth.  It’s going to be an exciting time! 

Central to launching this new season is going to be the centrality of the gospel for our students.  They need to hear and know the power of the gospel to give them a firm foundation for life.  They need the message of Christ poured into their hearts in order to give them the proper lens through which to see all of life.  As we seek to do this with our youth, I would encourage you to live the gospel out in front of them, especially taking on the role of Christ in loving the least of these into the kingdom.  You never know the impact you are able to have, in the big decisions, but also in those small moments of relationship, by just checking in, showing that you care.  When you get the chance, get to know one of our students, show them that they are known and cared about, and help them to see the love of Jesus for them reflected in the love of our church for them! 

We are taking huge steps in that direction!  Let’s continue to move forward.  Ministry is about relationships at the core.  It’s about our relationships with each other, as we reflect the work of God to repair our relationships with Him.  Let’s see how we can build those relationships with the youth of FBC Jesup, and beyond that, the youth of Jesup, GA.  In doing so, we can show Christ to them, and revitalize the ministry of this church!

Soli Deo Gloria,


What’s Happening:

Graduation Sunday - May 20

Camp Hawkins - June 12-17

Middle School VBS - June 18-22

MFuge Camp - July 9-14