Youth News for April 2018

It’s the beginning of a new world.  The King has come to His own, He has been rejected, tossed aside like so much garbage.  His miracles were labeled blasphemy.  His love labeled sin.  He has been hung between the thieves.  Jesus, the blasphemer, the traitor to the throne of Caesar, King of the Jews, has been crucified.  And then, just when all had settled down, His followers cowering in a locked room, His message shown to be powerless, the unbelievable happened.  On the third day, the garbage was proved priceless treasure.  On the third day, the blasphemer was proved Truth itself.  On the third day, the traitor to the throne was proved the only rightful King.  On the third day, death proved powerless, and Jesus, Jesus was alive!

And so now, He is taking the world once made and then unmade and He is remaking it.  And right now, during the age of the church, we are the instruments of His recreation project, calling others from death to life, joining in the resurrection and living eternal life in the here and now.  We are in the presence of the King, and His Spirit dwells within us!  We have been transformed, and we are being used to transform our world!

I am reminded of the transformation we have seen in the physical reality of our church.  Over the past months you have been at work to recreate a space once lifeless and dull into a haven for the youth of Jesup.  We have seen a stewardship of resources that has transformed our ministry and will help to kick start a movement of mission in our community among our young people.  It has been incredible to see that transformation, and I am incredibly excited to see the impact it will have! 

But this is only the beginning of the work.  We have poured our resources into the youth area, now we must pour our time and energy into our youth!  As we seek to faithfully steward the new space we have been given, key to our ministry will be filling that space with opportunities for our students to build strong relationships that will gird them up in their faith and a deep conviction of the love of God and the need for the Truth.  That resurrection Sunday will echo through our ministry when we preach the life of Christ and the reign of Christ through the ministry of our members to our youth!  I can’t wait to build that community more deeply into the fabric of our youth ministry here!

And so, let me ask you, how can you pour into our students?  How can you come along side them and preach the gospel into their lives?  How can you facilitate growth and change in the hearts and lives of our young people?  Give it some thought, give it some prayer, and then give me a call!  I would love to put you to work!

Soli Deo Gloria,



What’s Happening:

Graduation Sunday - May 20

Camp Hawkins - June 12-17

Middle School VBS - June 18-22

MFuge Camp - July 9-14