Why Overnight Camp Matters

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak as a part of CentriKid Camps again. One of my favorite parts of speaking with CentriKid is the opportunity that I have to share the stage with my friend Dylan Arms and his band. One of their members is a "kid" I once had in kid's ministry during my early years of ministry named Coleman. A kid who grew up fast. That little, quiet first grader quickly grew into a seasoned lead guitar player, who now leads me in my spiritual walk.

Overnight camps like CentriKid are not just an opportunity for kids to get away. It's a ministry that makes a huge impact. It's a ministry that changes perspectives. It's a ministry that God uses to change hearts. How?

1. Overnight Christian kids camps give kids the unique opportunity of being able to live in a kid's world for a week. In a world bombarded with adult life, kid's camps are a time for kids to sing and laugh and play and get messy. Adults even join in the fun.
2. Overnight Christian kid's camps provide memorable experiences. As we talked about camp, Coleman didn't remember every small group activity or every craft we made in kids ministry but he did remember his Track Time Leader. He did remember his Bible Study at camp. He did remember the worship band. He did remember how he trusted God for the first time. Why? Because camp matters. Camp is a spiritual marker.
3. Overnight Christian kid's camps focus on what's most important - Jesus. Games matter. Communication matters. Srageating matters. Why? Because a kids Camp that focuses on Jesus, focuses on Him at all times.

When your child looks back on his life, he probably won't remember every detail of last week's Sunday School lesson or even last month's memory verse—but he will remember the impact of a week of camp.

That week when he was "on his own." And it was all ok.
That week when God made sense for the first time. And it was all ok. That week when life was fun and made up of dancing and laughing and screaming out loud. And it was all ok.
That week at camp that summer. That week that Coleman and I talked about last week. That week that your child will talk about in 15 years. That week that your child will look back on when he needs remember what it was like... When it was all ok.

DAVID PEARSON is from Greenville SC. David served as Children's
Pastor for l3 ve;irc and as Family & Operations Pastor at Springwell
Church in Taylors, SC for the last four years.