Youth News for March 2018

One of the core goals we have as a youth ministry here at FBC is to take our students deep into their faith. In a world that is constantly changing, bringing new challenges day in and day out for the ministry of the church, it is absolutely critical that we build a solid foundation for our students. If we can do this effectively, we will build a generation of disciples who can engage our world with the gospel and not fall to the undercurrents of our culture. They will know how to face questions of truth, purpose, and meaning from the core convictions of the gospel, and have a compelling answer for a world longing for something deeper and truer.

That's the goal. But how do we get there? How do we create a depth in our students that can face up to these challenges? Let me suggest two essential components: faithful, biblical teaching, and faithful, authentic community. Think about it for a moment. How do we face the intellectual and theoretical assaults on Christian values and attitudes? It doesn't happen if we simply try to speak values and morals louder into their lives. It only happens when we faithfully and convincingly point to the bedrock of those values, the unshakeable Truths of reality, and build from there. This doesn't happen overnight. This can only happen in a lifestyle of discipleship.

But what happens when our students are faced with the emotional and relational attacks of the enemy? How will they stand up under the assaults of a culture that prioritizes perfection and pleasure, self-image, and self-satisfaction? The only answer is in an identity rooted deeply in the reality that they are known, loved, and cared for by real people, in real ways. In caring for our students this way we image forth Christ's care of His children, and we point them to the great Shepherd of our souls.

We aim to plant trees deeply rooted, that they may grow tall and wide in our world. That's why we call our ministry the Rooted Youth Ministry of FBC. It's also why this month we will be investing in our students through DiscipleNow Weekend, joining with other churches to set aside time for our students to dive deeply into the Word surrounded by a community of faith that loves them. This is a super condensed snapshot of the environment we are attempting to create for our students, where they are loved, discipled, cared for, where adults share the vulnerability of opening their homes and pouring into them and where youth are connected with one another to link arms and march forward with the mission of Christ.

This is where our youth ministry is headed. But these core convictions apply not only to youth, but to each of us. We each need deep transformational truth. We each need real communities of believers, opening our lives and homes to one another, sharing our struggles and coming along side one another to bolster our faith and fight the onslaught of the enemy. Will you pray for us? Will you pray for this church? Will you join in, not just settling for the search for depth in our students, but aiming for that same depth in yourself? Let's do this, together!

Soli Deo Gloria,

What's Happening:
Disciple Now - March 23-25
MFuge Camp - July 9-14