The End of All Our Babel-ing Tongues

Where will paradise be found? Who will be the one who because of wisdom beyond what we mere mortals possess will be the one who unlocks its gates for the rest of us to enter? Can such a place be found here? Does such a person exist? With all that goes on round us we ought to someday finally understand paradise cannot be found here and there is no guru who can lead us there.

Division plagues us, and I mean that word plagues. Plagues are what happened in Egypt when Pharaoh decided he was god enough for the world; who needed a puny Hebrew god. So God let pharaoh see what a world without him would look like and the world, bit by bit, began to deconstruct. Our modern plague is division. We, Americans, are falling apart. Our nation is falling apart. There are people, agree or disagree, who are openly questioning whether or not the nation, democracy, is in real peril for the first time since Aaron Burr wanted to carve off a piece of American territory to establish his own dictatorship. Events which ought to unite us at least in concern and compassion, events like yet another school shooting, don't. We become more angry. We point more fingers. We entrench more deeply into our opinions. What's more, over the last four presidential election cycles we have seen a disturbing political trend. We have always had "sides" in our two party system. In the past those on the other side were seen as rivals, the loyal opposition. No longer. Now they are seen as enemies, real enemies.

We, the church, must show a different way. We must abolish division. One way to read the Bible's story is to read it as how division and separation entered the world and how God ends it. Adam and Eve are one flesh, until sin comes, then they stand apart from each other pointing fingers and blame. The whole race, at Babel, pridefully believes it can make its own way to heaven and ends up divided. Then Jesus comes and he, alone, does not give in to sin, the me before you attitude that warps us. He lives love. He dies for it. And God raises him. We are his followers to live with his life, his Spirit, breathing within us. We are thus truly one body. And when his Spirit was given us at Pentecost, all the Babel of languages and division among us dissolved as with one voice and tongue we sing God's praises. We will stand together, a rainbow of colors, forever in heaven singing again the praise of God.

We need to do it now. And we need to invite the world to join in.