Living by Faith

I have learned in my life that things do not always go the way we expect them to. Our plans we have for this journey wind up have more twists and turns than we planned. We get discouraged and depressed. We tell ourselves we are a failure. Satan begins to enjoy our little pity party. At that point of the party I remember the words I have heard over and over, “It’s time to be a big boy and pull yourself up by your bootstraps.”

Let’s stop for a moment and think of the people in the Bible who faced the death of their dreams and how God’s plan for them worked out for the best.

“Abraham dreamed of being the father of a great nation, but he was still childless in old age. Joseph dreamed of grandeur in Genesis 37, but he landed in prison. Moses dreamed of liberating his people, but he was thrown out of Egypt as a murderer. David dreamed of leading the armies of Israel, but he became their prey. Thomas dreamed of proclaiming the Messiah, but his Jesus was crucified. Paul dreamed of going to Spain, but was a prisoner of Rome.

Yet in each case the setbacks became stepping stones; for in God’s will there is no failure, and out of His will there is no success. Our dreams sometimes die so they can be reborn in the image of God’s will.

Faith is trusting God’s promises when they are most needed, and going forward without a loss of enthusiasm. God provides the opportunity of having big dreams, but we must work according to His timing and will to achieve them.

Along the way, if your dream dies, don’t let your spirit falter. Keep you eyes focused on Jesus, count it all joy, and wait for Him to give the victory.”

“Failure isn’t so bad if it doesn’t attack the heart. Success is all right if it doesn’t go to the head.”

Grantland Rice

*Exerts from Turning Point Magazine