Youth News for Oct 2017

What’s in a remodel? Beginning around mid-October we should be starting the remodel of our youth space. Walls will be torn down, flooring replaced, walls painted, a new cafe built in, and much more. The space desperately needs it (if you haven’t yet done so, take the time before the work begins to check out the current state of the youth area), and the affect this remodel will have on the ministry here will be well worth the cost. I am so excited to see how God will use this space!

In the midst of all of the excitement, however, one thing must be clear in all of this: the youth space is not the answer, merely a tool to be used for God’s glory. The answer for growing a youth ministry, both numerically and more importantly in depth, is the Word of God deeply taught and the people of God deeply loving our youth. The space we are getting ready to rebuild is just an expression of that love. Call it an investment in future ministry.

That said, I want to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you! Thank you for what you have committed to the youth of FBC, both financially and relationally. As you invest your love into this ministry the impact you are having on the kingdom of God, through the power of God’s Spirit at work, is beyond our ability to understand. The echoes of your labor will be felt into eternity, an eternity that you will be able to enjoy with those whom you have loved into the kingdom.

As we press forward with this remodel let me encourage you with these thoughts:

1) Keep praying for our students and this ministry. The partnership of our youth with their prayer champions, and the prayers of everyone for the success of this youth ministry have a deeper impact than any of us fully understand. It is hard sometimes to press forward with what seems so abstract when we are such concrete people, but we trust the work of the Spirit in response to our prayers will be more concrete in eternity than any physical structure or programming we may put together.

2) Keep supporting the discipling ministry of this church. Whether that looks like taking the time to get to know a few students and searching for ways to invest in their lives, or simply encouraging a counter-cultural model of doing ministry that values discipleship over entertainment, we need your support.

3) Keep living out the message of the gospel in front of these young adults. They need examples of what it means to be in love with Jesus, and they look to you as representatives of the church. Never forget that your actions have an impact on these youth that will help to define who they grow to be.

Again, let me say thank you, thank you, thank you for the ways you have supported this ministry and will continue to do so. It is through faithful believers that God has chosen to build His church, and I am so thankful that he has given us so many of the faithful here at FBC!

Soli Deo Gloria!