Homecoming and National Back To Church Day

Two Sundays in September are Sundays we need you to be here whatever else may be trying to claim your attention.  Two Sundays that are special Sundays, right in the middle of the month: Homecoming on September 10th and National Back To Church Day on the 17th. 

Our Homecoming speaker this year is Stanley Todd.  Stanley and Barbara are well known to us.  The Todds were a part of First Baptist when he was ordained to the ministry.  Stanley has ministered to many families in our church in his role as chaplain for South Georgia Hospice.  And of course he serves many of us on the Jesup City Council.  Stanley is a fine preacher and I know he’ll do us proud in the pulpit on Homecoming. I know as well we’ll have a fabulous time of fellowship around a meal after church.  Please be here for Homecoming this year.

National Back To Church Day is a new event for us.  On that day we’ll be participating with thousands of churches across the country in inviting people to come to church.  On that day we hope to have scores of people who haven’t been here in a while to be back.  We also hope to have even more people who have never been here to come that day.  Lots of work is already going into this effort.  2,500 postcards are being mailed to people in our community asking them to come. We need volunteers to call everyone on our church role to let them know about this big Sunday and to ask them to come.  We’re planning a block party after church on the 17th on our back parking lot.  We’ll serve lunch.  There will be inflatables and games for the kids.  There will be awnings for shade and conversation areas for adults to give you a chance to mingle with and get to know new people who are attending.  We’re asking all our Sunday School classes to plan a fellowship event the week following National Back to Church Day specifically to include newcomers.  We’ll gather to visit newcomers on Monday evening the day following the Day.

National Back To Church Day is a big event designed to be a big outreach for First Baptist into the community.  There are many ways you can be a part.  You can help us call our church roll.  You can help us put out flyers in Wayne Terrace and the Country Club on Saturday morning the 16th, two areas our postcards will not be mailed to.  You can invite your barber, the cashier at Wal-Mart, or your neighbor.  You can be here too.  We want everyone to observe National Back To Church Day.

Homecoming.  National Back To Church Day.  Be here both days. And help us make both hugely successful.