Youth News for August 2017

It’s hard to believe that the summer of 2017 is already coming to a close.  School is starting back, the routine is being reestablished, and everything is settling down.  But before we allow the dust to settle, let me recap the ways that God has worked in the summer of 2017 to reshape His people in and through our youth ministry.  As I do, join with me in giving thanks to our God for the work He has done!

             On May 21st we kicked off the summer with a celebration of our high school graduates.  It was a small class this year, with only 3 participating in our service, but filled with excitement and hope for the future.  There is always a bitter-sweet feeling to seeing our graduates go, and we will continue praying for them as the Lord directs their lives in the future.

As we saw them out we also saw the arrival of our summer intern, Katie.  Her ministry here over the summer has been a huge blessing, especially to our girls as they have gotten to know her and see her passion and love for Christ.  The fruits of her work here will continue to be seen for a long time to come, and we trust that she has been blessed by us as well.  I can tell you that she has been very appreciative of the ways that you have welcomed her for her time here and made her feel at home.

June found us out at Camp Hawkins, experiencing the great joy of working with the special needs kids there and seeing God’s love on display through those children and the counselors and staff.  God used our students in a powerful way to equip that camp for success, and our students were able to experience the ways that God can take what may seem small or insignificant acts of service and bring about huge blessing for those being served.

Our middle school VBS was a time of great excitement and fun, but also was filled with the glory of the gospel on display for students who were hungering for a deeper understanding of who God is and how He calls to us.  Seeing their faces light up when we talked about the saving work of Jesus during Bible study was priceless, and witnessing the power of the Spirit to wake up those middle schoolers to the beauty of His Truth was motivation enough for all of the ministry we do here.

The rest of June and July was filled with dive-ins, trips to an escape room in Savannah, and water park fun at Splash-in-the-Boro, and in the midst of all of it we have been able to gain a deeper understanding of 1 Timothy as Katie has led us in a study of it’s incredible insights.  Our students have been encouraged to set an example for those around them through their leadership, through prayer, in the way they live, and how they interact with the world around them and fellow believers.  It has been an awesome summer!

Even as I type this we are preparing to head to Mission Fuge camp to wrap up the summer, and as we head into the school year we look forward to relaunching our Pray for Me Campaign and seeing the fruit of the Spirit at work through His word is a study of the book of Daniel.  Join with me in praying that God would bring an abundant harvest for this ministry as we continue to press forward in faithfulness to the call that God has given us to make disciples for His Name!

Soli Deo Gloria!