So Why Did We Go Down The River In The Dark?

canoe mikeSee the picture?  That’s the front of my kayak bobbing in the current of the Altamaha as the sun was setting in the west.  A group of men from our church were on the river, waiting for the sun to sink into the water and darkness to fall so we could start paddling from Pig Farm Landing to Jaycee Landing in the dark.  It did and then we did.  The moon was full.  Gators watched from the banks.  Owls hooted back and forth from one side of the river to the other.  It was beautiful and fun and epic and adventurous.  That’s why we did it.

We’re ramping up more in men’s ministry.  So look for more events like this.   A woman on Facebook asked me why in the world we would do this in the dark.  My answer, only slightly intended for humor was, “because every now and then men need to do something that makes women ask, ‘What’s wrong with you.’”   The rest of the story of why is this: men need to build camaraderie with other men.  And men do that best around action.  Give men something to do, a project, an obstacle to overcome together, and men will bond in ways they cannot by sitting in a room talking. That’s why we went down the river.  That’s why we’ll do more stuff like this. 

That’s why you’ll see not just this kind of event but you’ll see gatherings of men, adventures planned for men, men mentoring boys and young men, and men  reaching out in evangelism and mission in our community and beyond.  Gatherings, Adventures, Mentoring, Evangelism.  The GAME.  We are going to call men to get in the GAME  and in doing so get serious and be serious about being Christian men in the full meaning of both of those words.  So stay tuned for more information.

While on the subject of the river float a big thanks and shout out to Bill Headley, Wes Williamson, and Ignacio Palacio for organizing the trip.  Thanks men, and let’s do it again.